Carolyn Donohoe
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Rosa Jo

Rosa Jo, acrylic on canvas 61cm x 76cm, 2012

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The painting you have made is tremendous, an amazingly present work of art. The attention to detail with all the fine brushstrokes picking out each individual elements of the hair and elements of the weave of the hat are astounding. It must have taken you hours just on those parts alone. And the skin tones and quality of the way you've depicted the make-up is breathtaking. Stepping back from the work though gives the viewer a very real dimension to the piece, and I love the humour of the feathery backdrop which suddenly clicks into place!

It is an extraordinary artwork that demonstrates a real confidence with the brush and also a true understanding of what I, as the client, had in my mind back when we first started talking about this project.

Thank you so much for all that you've done. As you can see, I couldn't wait to get her hung on the wall and I hope you agree that she looks very impressive against the dark wall with a spotlight picking her out last night.

Thank you so much once again - it's brilliant and I hope that you are proud of it.

With very kind personal regards


Simon Meanwell-Ralph, Marvellous Millinery, Winchester

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